Give Yourself a Break

Our souls need a break to reboot and reconnect with our Creator and with ourselves. Rabbi Lazer goes out to the dunes on the southern outskirts of Ashdod, to tell about a big favor that you should be doing for yourself.

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Being Alive

Being alive means to take complete advantage of the moment at hand, without fretting about the past or worrying about the future. This is the key to productivity and maximizing potential, but there's only one way to guarantee both, as we learn in today's podcast...

How to Handle an Unbearable Situation

This very special video podcast comes from the Gaza border, a short time after a rocket attack from Gaza, with important advice for coping with any severe challenge or overwhelming situation.

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The Nail in the Wall

Could you believe that a brilliant investment banker would be gullible enough to sell his twenty million-dollar mansion in Beverly Hills for a mere hundredth of its value? Listen to today's podcast, which exposes the sly methods of the Yetzer Hara, the evil inclination, who is capable of getting any unsuspecting person to sell his or her priceless soul for a pittance...

Jersey City - Why?

No one can say that the Jersey City massacre doesn't affect him or her. The Gemara obligates us to engage in serious soul-searching whenever a fellow Jew's life is severed. We must ask ourselves the question - Jersey City, why? Today's podcasts searches for answers.

Proud Past, Promising Future

Rabbi Lazer broadcasts from the amazing actual site of Mishkan Shiloh, the holy Tabernacle in Shiloh located in the heartland of Binyamin. We learn here about what we need both as a nation and as individuals to bring about the Geula, the full redemption of our people. Let's see:

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Friends and Lovers

The Torah teaches us the best way to build a lasting marital relationship - first be friends, then be lovers. It's not just a rosy saying but an absolute commandment of Torah...

The Flame Within

Today's podcast is a preparation for Chanuka, which is only a few days away. This holiday is so significant that our sages tell us that all the other holidays will ultimately be cancelled, but not Chanuka - it's eternal. Why? Chanuka is a celebration of the soul and a key to lasting happiness. Let's hear:

The Sweetest Fruit

The wonderful thing about the sweetness of prayer is that it neither spikes your blood sugar nor is it fattening. Prayer is the sweetest fruit on earth. You know why? When you pray for something, you won't become smug or arrogant when you get it. Oftentimes, if the Almighty knows that we'll become arrogant if He gives us what we want, He simply won't give it. But, the more you pray and the more you depend on God for what you need, the more readily you'll see your prayers answered, and that is ever so sweet...

Is it Really for the Best?

People with a difficult challenge sometimes think that when we encourage them that everything Hashem does is for the very best, we're just trying to make them feel good. True, we want everyone to feel good, but it's also true that everything Hashem does is for the very best. Let's hear how...

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