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Old Isaac's Trail to Tranquility


Thursday Oct 14, 2021

"ATFAT" is the abbreviation of "A turn for a turn". In other words, The Almighty treats us in the same fashion that we treat others. It's like a Divine mirror which we call, "The ATFAT principle." Like the other magnificent methods that The Almighty uses to run the world, this phenomenon is evident both in the laws of physics and in the laws of metaphysics. Simply stated, you'll find ATFAT both in the material world and in the spiritual world. This is the root of Newton's third law of motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Applying this knowledge is the key practical key for staying out of trouble's way..

Thursday Aug 12, 2021

Today's lesson is a practical lesson in Kabbala, how the seven Divine spheres of G-dliness manifest themselves in the spiritually aware soul on a daily basis, thereby directing affecting health, wellness and overall quality of life.

Thursday Jun 17, 2021

In today's Emuna Hour, we review the first nine levels along the emotional turbulence - tranquility continuum, and then learn Level Ten, the ultimate level of inner peace, as we see in Old Isaac.

Thursday Jun 10, 2021

This is the replay of Emuna Hour where we learn the ten levels on the emotional continuum of turbulence to tranquility.

Thursday Jun 03, 2021

An emotional survival course: Here's how to deal with the abusive people in our life and how to rid ourselves of abusive tendencies.

Thursday May 20, 2021

Welcome to the first part of our new series, "Old Isaac's Trail to Tranquility", showing us how to live a life of inner peace and free of negative emotions.

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