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Women and Torah


One Woman’s Heartbeat

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

There are repeated time in Jewish history when a single woman's heartbeat was the only difference between physical and spiritual survival and annihilation. Today's podcast is a tribute to Rabbi Zecharia HaCohen Wallerstein zatza"l, who departed the physical world on Rosh Chodesh Iyar, 5782 (2 May, 2022).

Tuesday Dec 06, 2022

In one of the Torah's most dramatic scenes, Esau and Jacob meet after years of estrangement. In this confrontation, the first thing Esau does is to stare at Jacob's wives. We learn here the huge difference between Esau's and Jacob's attitude toward women. The same difference continues today in the opposing attitudes of modern society and the Torah in regard to women.

On One Woman‘s Shoulders

Wednesday Nov 24, 2021

Wednesday Nov 24, 2021

There were times in our history when the entire future of Torah and the entire future of the Jewish People rested on the shoulders of one woman...

The Roots of Moshiach

Thursday May 06, 2021

Thursday May 06, 2021

This is our fourth and final chapter of the Book of Ruth, but we begin with a synopsis of the first three chapters. The Book of Ruth gives an amazing insight into the magnificent and unexpected events that lead up to Moshiach and Geula.

Midnight Encounter

Thursday Apr 29, 2021

Thursday Apr 29, 2021

If you think Torah isn't exciting, you haven't yet learned the Book of Ruth properly.If you think Torah isn't romantic, you haven't yet learned the Book of Ruth properly.If you think Torah isn't inspiring, you haven't yet learned the Book of Ruth properly.If you think Torah sells women short and is chauvinistic, sorry, you don't know the Book of Ruth.Here's your chance to learn and appreciate the beauty of the Book of Ruth. Today's lesson begin with a review of Chapters One and Two, then hits the height of the drama and suspense of Chapter Three.

Thursday Apr 22, 2021

In Chapter Two of the Book of Ruth, we learn how Moshiach is blessed with the DNA of his great grandmother Ruth, whose compassionate deeds uplifted her from the lowest imaginable spiritual roots to the highest stature imaginable, a truly self-made woman.

Thursday Apr 15, 2021

In our introduction to the Book of Ruth, we learn how the Dark Side tries everything to prevent Moshiach's arrival, so Hashem must engineer it in such a way that catches the unholy spiritual opposition completely off guard.

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